While breastfeeding is the ideal feeding method for toddlers, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not always possible every time he needs food to physically feed your child from the breast. Whether you are a working mother, you want an evening with your partner or find that physical breastfeeding does not work for you and your child, you will be using pumps and storing your mother’s milk to make sure your child gets the food he needs, to familiarize. Saving the mother’s milk in bags is a common practice in breastfeeding mothers, and the choice of the right kind of storage bag and storage method is crucial to ensure the mother’s milk during storage is not impaired.

Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

The right bag

Most big-box retailers have a section for the feeding needs of infants. In this area, there are a variety of mother-milk storage options. Choose one of the best breast milk storage bags that is sterile, rated according to the type of store you want – fridge or freezer – and has a closure that seals. There is no one brand of breast milk storage bags, which is better than the other, as long as the bag is specially designed for storing mother’s milk. Read More →

Golf is a sport that was born around the mid-nineteenth century and which arrives in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a precision sport that consists in sending into the hole, through the use of special clubs, the golf ball. The winner is determined or based on the fewest number of strokes it took to send the ball into the hole, or the player who won the highest number of holes (which are generally eighteen).

The golf irons

best golf clubs for beginners

The tools for playing golf irons are L-shaped compounds by a long rod about a meter which is contested by the player and by a terminal part of various sizes and shapes with which it strikes the ball. Each player may have available during a maximum playing 14 different golf clubs. The difference between them is the distance that manage to carry the ball.

In order to find the right golf iron for you, there is a lot to consider.At this point we would like to explain to you what makes a good golf iron.The iron is the classic golf club, which can be used in many situations, but is used mainly for short to medium strokes.Iron is available in nine different variants, iron 1 to iron 9.The first three (iron 1 to 3) are often referred to as long irons. Iron 4 to 7 belong to the middle iron and iron 8 and 9 are referred to as short iron. Read More →

Nowadays, there are many kinds of golf swing analyzers from numerous brands in the market. In order to make their products more attractive and useful, golf swing analyzer makers are continuously developing more new advanced features besides the basic ones which are giving insight analyses or detailed images of swings. The list below includes some great features which are loved by many golfers.

Advanced graphic features

beginner golfer

Basic function of a golf swing analyzer is giving golfers detail illustrations of their swings, so bases on those graphic illustrations, golfer could figure out their mistakes and improve. Therefore, golf swing analyzer makers are trying their best to improve graphic features in order to offer more elaborate and accurate image of their swings. There are many helpful graphic features such as zoom feature to give close-up view, 3D image to offer view from all angles…

Alert system

This is one of the most loved features of Zepp golf swing analyzer. This feature will automatically detect some common flaws in your swing and give an alert to golfer. Furthermore, it even shows golfers how to fix that mistake. Although this feature can only check some simple mistakes, it’s still very helpful to golfer in training. Read More →

It’s undeniable that it’s hard to choose the running shoes for plantar fasciitis. If you are too confused with thousands of choices in the market, referring to others’ opinion would be helpful. Below list are top men running shoes which are recommended for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

New Balance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

M990v3 Running Shoe

990 series of New Balance are well-known for great comfort for distance runners, the 3rd edition M990v3 is even added with more advanced technology to boost comfort level such as ENCAP midsole cushioning. Furthermore, in term of support and stability of the shoes, the M990v3’s performance is amazing thanks to dual density forefoot and ABZORB midsole. Besides comfort and support, the M990V3 running shoe is also perfect for runners who are suffering from plantar fasciitis because they are ready to wear out of the box without break-in period.Regarding looks, the shoes are simple yet classy and appealing. Read More →

Which watch golf GPS choose?

We tested and analysed the best golf GPS watch to help you determine which ideally suit your game. They are evaluated according to the configuration, the availability of the courses, the ease of use, battery life, features, precision and value. We found that a key notion, determining GPS quality, as precision could vary enormously from one device to another. It provides distance information to the green and on some models dogleg, layout, Obstacles … Many articles dealing with GPS devices tend to favour the practical aspect by simplicity of use, consciously sacrificing a certain amount of precision and which, therefore, sometimes end up with disastrous inaccuracies.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a golf GPS watch

There are limitations inherent to GPS devices and in comparison with golf laser rangefinders (Test of the Bushnell Tour V3) there are necessarily advantages and disadvantages: Read More →

What is the use of the pregnancy pillow?

The product can be used at different times and will therefore have different functions depending on the time of use. The cushion is an indispensable accessory during all stages of maternity.

tips for sleep well during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers frequently develop sleep disorders. Indeed, their body changes, their hormones are upset and especially their bellies are rapidly growing which can be embarrassing when going to sleep. The equipment will avoid this discomfort and regain a pleasant sleep. It can also be used during naps that are common in pregnant women. They get tired indeed much faster and need to recover.

The use of the cushion is all the more recommended as the pregnant woman suffers from problems of back (sciatic problem or in the lumbar) or legs (problem of the heavy legs type). Note that the use of the pregnancy duffle to soothe the pain in the legs or back can be done for any person, regardless of whether she is pregnant or not.

The maternity pillow can also be used at the time of delivery. The future mother, thanks to it, will be able to give birth comfortably; Different positions are possible. In addition to comfort, the cushion that accompanied the young mother during her pregnancy will allow her to feel confident in a hospital setting that is often unwelcoming.

After childbirth, the duffel can prove to be very useful and thus become a nursing pillow. It is indeed extremely helpful to relieve the back at the time of breastfeeding. It allows the mom to position comfortably without the risk of making false movements. The baby can also coil in the pillow. The mother can also use the bolster during other privileged moments with her young child, simply to cuddle it for example.

What are the advantages of this accessory?

The advantages of types of cushions for pregnant women are many. Read More →

If you love travelling and want to become a professional backpackers, you should have a good hammock as your company. Why do we need a good hammock? Because a good hammock will give you a good sleep and a good sleep will help you have more energy for your journey. But then there comes a problem. That is how to choose a good hammock because there are so many types of hammock sold on the market. In the previous article, I have already told you about the first two important things that you should take into consideration when you choose a hammock. They are the dimension and the suspension system of a hammock. In today ‘s article, I will continue to share with you some more important factors tha you will also need to pay attention to so that you will make a right decision and sleep tight.

camping hammock

So the next thing that you need to care about your hammock is its weight. You should check it before purchasing. This is the thing that I consider the most important thing to me because I’m quite weak. A heavy hammock will take away from me all the energy and I will not be able to enjoy my trip any more. And even when you are a strong man with a lot of muscle, you will not need to prove to be strong by bringing a heavy hammock with you. Save your carlory because you will have a lot of things ahead waiting for you to discover. However, light hammocks tend to be narrower, so you should shop carefully. Today, many hammock manufacturers produce very ultralight hammocks. Their price is quite high compared to regular versions but I think they are worth it.

The second thing I want you to remember today about a hammock is its weight capacity. This is a very important factor if you wish to lounge happily. It will be a big mistake if you ignore the importance of weight capacity when choosing a hammock. You should make sure you get a heavy – duty hammock, especially when you are a little bit overweighted. You will not want to say goodbye to your beautiful hammock after just one time you use it. Keep in mind the weight capacity just refers to weight at the static status. So if you love playing the game of jumping up and down in your hammock, resist it or you will not have to ask why your hammock ‘s life span is so short even when you spend a lot of money buying a heavy – duty hammock.

A hammock is becoming more and more familiar among backpackers or campers. A lot of people buy a hammock for themselves. The price of a hammock varies but in general it is quite an expensive stuff. So you should spend time getting to know about which hammock you are going to buy. take into consideration some choices and try to choose the best for yourself. I think that if you invest your time, you will get what you want. Hope that you find my article helpful for you.

Softball is among American’s favorite sports and also a popular pastime. Whether you play it as a normal game or for the competitive league, there is always a list of basic equipment that you have to prepare and follow. Read on to learn more about the most important ones.

best slowpitch softball bats


The ball is regarded as the most basic equipment in softball. Balls used in this sport is round ones, made of leather, rubber or synthetic with white or yellow color, so they are not ‘soft’ as indicated in the name. Sizes of softball vary from 10 inches to 16 inches in circumference. Depending on the level of the game, they can weigh about 180 – 200 grams, equivalent to 5.5 – 9 ounces. If meeting the specifications regulated by Amateur Softball Association, the ball will have its logo printed on them to show that they are totally approved in the games.


Second to the ball but not of less important is the bat. The best fastpitch/slowpitch softball bats are really crucial to have a power hitting.Easton Composite Brian Wegman USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat
Bats used in youth level softball are basically the same as those used in baseball, except in appearance as softball bats seem to be the thinner. They can be made out of diversified materials, such as wood, aluminum alloy, composite, hybrid, etc. Each type of material has its own pros and cons, and there are many brands of the bat on the market as well, such as DeMarini, Easton, Miken, Louisville Slugger,… To choose the best slowpitch softball bats or fastpitch softball bat you should refer other reviews or try using them at the store, then carefully choose which one benefit you most and fit your needs best.
According to the regulations of Amateur Softball Associations of America, softball bats can reach a maximum weight of 38 ounces. The association only approve bats that do not exceed 34 inches in length and 2.25 inches in diameter. Just like the balls, bats that meet accepted standards must have ASA’s certification marks on them.


Baseball gloves are usually allowed in a softball game, but if you intend to play the sport for a long time, think about investing in a couple of softball gloves. Softballs are bigger than baseball, so gloves used in softball are also the larger in size. Gloves are supposed to protect the players’ hands from hard throws and help players catch the balls easily and exactly.best slowpitch softball bats

Protective Equipment

In small games and unprofessional championships, players are not required to wear protective equipment by ASA rules, except for the catcher who have to wear a mask with a throat protector. Under the regulations of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, players’ helmets and catchers’ face masks are compulsory. Besides, in fastpitch softball games, batters are advised to wear helmets with ear flaps parts to protect their head and ears from balls travelling at great speed. In addition, body protection, including chest and knees protectors are advisable to prevent serious injuries.


Casual players are allowed to take part in the games wearing casual sporty clothes, such as T-shirt and jeans. If you play for a team, yours may design a uniform for members to show team spirit and to distinguish your team with another. At a higher level, you will be provided with shoes of high quality to compete in the games.